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Questions & Answers


What is the going price for the average beach lot?


Again, location-location. Of course, size does matter and beach front in a commercial or tourist area is more expensive than the same lot located in the country. Also, properties that have rocky shorelines, are bordered with undesirable neighbors, or have low swampy land, will be less desirable than those with better attributes. There is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to the value of a beach front property.


What's up with Squatters?


Squatters are people who illegally move onto another persons property without permission and vicariously walk in the owner's shoes by living on his land. In Mexico, as in most first world countries, there are legal procedures to have squatters removed from one's property by the authorities. This is a simple and straight forward process and should be handled decisively in the unusual instance where squatters have become an issue.


Tell me about Ejido land?


We're glad you asked. Ejido land makes up more than 75% of all land in Mexico, It is owned by the Federal Government and made available only to Mexican citizens who are legally part of an Ejido (a Mexican farming group). Because it is owned by the Federal Government, it can not be sold, but foreigners are often duped into believing that they can buy such land for a very cheap price. Actually, no one can buy Ejido land, not foreigners or Mexicans. It can only be used for agricultural purposes by legally registered members of the Ejido.


What about water?


In this part of Mexico there is plenty of fresh water for private wells and one does not need to dig very deep to find it. Average wells are from 20-30ft. deep. Normally your contractor will suggest a water purification system to be installed in your house as part of his standard construction cost.



What about building costs?


Building costs in the Yucatan Peninsula are between $75 and $80 USD per sq. ft. for normal construction. This will include tile or marble floors, spanish tiled roofs, cathedral ceilings, air conditioning , porches and balconies. Of course, if one chooses gold plated bathroom fixtures, ceiling murals, elevators and other more elaborate finishing, the prices may vary.



Honestly, how safe is it living in Mexico?


This part of Mexico is safer than most other locations in the world. No one is permitted to carry a hand gun, and being caught with one carries a heavy prison sentence. We are aware that the Mexican border area has a "bad rep", but this is over a thousand miles to the North. Would you choose not to take your kids to Disney Land because of a gang shooting in Detroit or Harlem?


I'm leaving soon, can I close the deal from home?


Sure, why not? Once you have found the property you want and sign and offer to purchase, everything else can be done from the comfort of your home in any part of the world. Closing "in absentia" is now common and Fed-Ex service makes an efficient and convenient method of transmitting documents.
​Once I purchase the property, how long do I have to build?


Many of our clients purchase land purely as an investment and have no immediate plans to build.  Rather they often hold onto the property and sell for a profit at a later date. This is fine and one can sit on the property for as long as one wishes.
Being a foreigner, what happens once I sign an offer to purchase?


Once you have selected a property and signed an offer to purchase, your attorney will walk you through every step until closing. We realize that most of our clients are from abroad, so we make it as easy as possible to close from your home country. 


What do I do with my Yacht?


​In some cases our clients want to bring a yacht or boat down with them to the property and build their own dock. In this case a "beach concession" or permit is required. Your attorney who handled your closing can help you obtain this permit.
What about my dog, can I bring my pets to Mexico?


Yes, you can bring your dog, your pets, your mother in law and your significant other, if you wish. In the case of your pets, if you want to bring them with you, Mexico welcomes our furry friends. When entering Mexico you will need to show customs a current veterinary certificate certifying that the pet has received all it's appropriate shots. This certificate should be current within the last 10 days of travel.
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