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Clear Title

A frequent question is if the title to the property is clear?



Beaches-R-Us does not handle properties with defective title. All properties have been legally registered, surveyed, and recorded, free of liens and all property taxes have been paid current before closing.


​What about zoning?


​As in all countries, zoning varies over time as well as with location. Zoning can and does change with time. Properties handled by beaches-R-Us have all been checked for zoning before closing and this information is current.


Is it possible for the government to take my property?


As in all counties around the world, under certain circumstances it is possible for a government to notice the property owner that it is necessary for him to surrender his property or some of his property rights, where it is deemed to be in the public interest and for the public good. In real estate law this government prerogative is called the law of "Eminent Domain". In such situations, the property owner(s) will be compensated by the government for the fair market value of their property.




​What about annual real estate taxes?

​Of course real estate taxes will vary from location to location, but here in the Caribbean real estate taxes are very user friendly. For example, an average 1/2 acre oceanfront lot may have an annual tax bill of $50 USD to $200 USD per year.
Who owns the property?


Most of the properties listed by Beaches-R-Us have been owned by one or more Mexican families and have been passed down through generations for many years as part of family tradition. In every case, Beaches-R-Us attorneys check the title to the properties back to the original owner to make sure the title is clear.
Do I own the beach?


In Mexico the first 66 feet or 20 meters from the water is known as the Federal Zone. The Federal zone is owned by the Federal Government but is available for your use free of charge. In other words, you don't have to pay taxes on it as you do in many other countries. You are not allowed to build your house in this zone, but you may use it for recreational purposes.
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